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What Our Clients Are Saying

Security Works company has been outstanding in helping us design a Mobile Technology Workstand to accommodate our 21st Century Classrooms at an affordable price. Our Electronic Document Cameras, Laptops, and Projectors all fit securely on one mobile stand that can move around a classroom or between classrooms to share.

Christine Olmstead
Technology Director
Brea Olinda USD 

My Mobile Presentation Workstand for the ELMO projection system is easy to use and move, sturdy, and helps to prevent theft of my greatest technology teaching tool. The Workstand allows you to maximize the ELMO capabilities and create demonstration opportunities throughout the day. 

Catherine Albee
First Grade Teacher
Arovista Elementary
Brea, CA

<p>Catherine Albee<br /> First Grade Teacher<br /> Arovista Elementary<br /> Brea, CA</p>

I love the Workstand. It's so nice to have the document camera mounted on a surface where I can display materials easier than on the cheap table I had purchased. I like the roll out drawer for the laptop and that the cords hide within that drawer. It stays in place well when rolled into the "tucked away" position. The wheels are sturdy and roll easily, even on the carpet. Since the projector is mounted on the ceiling, there is nothing mounted on the handle that would usually hold a projector. I asked him to leave the handle on the cart and I enjoy using it to maneuver the cart into position. I like the trough that holds the cords and the power strip mounted on the underbelly of the cart. I really like the mobility the cart gives me.

Aimee Hobson
Pajaro Middle School
Watsonville USD

<p>Aimee Hobson<br />Pajaro Middle School<br />Watsonville USD</p>

Our class consists of students from the age of 18 to 22 with moderate to severe disabilities. Most have difficulty with basic Reading and Math. Before being provided with the document camera and projector, it was a daily challenge to get all students engaged. In the lesson pictured above, we we're addressing health. The inclusion of fruits into the students' diets was being addressed. The vivid display of color, the ability to share individual work with the class and give them recognition encouraged both self-confidence and pride in our students. The Mobile Presentation Workstand keeps all the equipment at my finger tips and makes it possible for me to use the projector facing forward or backwards so I can configure my classroom however I like. The fact that all equipment is secured on the Workstand is a big plus.

Jon Eastin
Special Education Adult Transition
Garden Grove Unified School District
Garden Grove California

<p>Jon Eastin<br /> Special Education Adult Transition<br /> Garden Grove Unified School District<br /> Garden Grove California</p>

My name is Rick Risueno and I am a 7th and 8th grade Math teacher. Technology is becoming a bigger part of the way we can deliver the material we are to teach. The workstand from SecurityWorks was a perfect addition to my Smart technologies hardware. My Elmo connected to my Notebook software, and allowed me reach more of my students. The open areas on the workstand allowed me to mount my SmartResponse receiver so that all of data I collect from my students is accurate and can be received without interference. My Smartboard and Workstand are a perfect pair.

Rick Risueno
7th and 8th Grade Math
Irvine Intermediate
Garden Grove, California

<p>Rick Risueno<br /> 7th and 8th Grade Math<br /> Irvine Intermediate<br /> Garden Grove, California</p>

One of the happiest days in my teaching career was the day I received my new Elmo document reader and LCD projector. Using this new technology enhanced the way I could communicate learning to the children in a way I never could have dreamed possible. That joy quickly turned to sadness the morning I walked into my classroom to discover that there had been a break-in and my new technology was stolen. I was devastated. Thankfully, my principal found a way to replace my units, but I was afraid to use them for fear of having them stolen again. Each day involved disassembling and reassembling the units so I could lock them away in a closet. This daily set-up and clean up became a hassle and I began to use this great technology less often. 

Well there is a happy ending to my story. My principal purchased a new "security cart" to house my units. Both the Elmo and the LCD projector are actually locked onto the cart. The cart, which has an attached white board and shelves, is too heavy to lift, yet rolls easily on strong metal wheels. All of the wires are tucked neatly away and I can now project anywhere in the room I want to with ease. Best of all, I am now no longer afraid that someone will take our Elmo from our classroom! Because I know it is secure, I can leave it out and ready to use. The children now have access to the latest technology to enhance their learning, and I have the peace of mind to know that it is safe. 

Thank you for designing this easy-to-use security cart. It has been a lifesaver for our classroom!

Pattie Romero
Arovista Elementary School
Brea, CA

<p>Pattie Romero<br /> Teacher<br /> Arovista Elementary School<br /> Brea, CA</p>

Thank you so much for designing this security cart for our Elmo's. The security cart has been so wonderful to use with the Elmos because I can move it around in all different directions, heights and angles for my students to see better and get better use. I really like the storage box on the cart to store my everyday supplies and books in. I don't know if the circular base was designed for our feet to rest on but I use it to put my feet on while I am sitting on my stool using the Elmo. I absolutely love the Elmo and cart, and I am very thankful for our district because they purchased it for us. Thank you for designing this essential tool for our classroom and it is a nice feeling to know that our Elmo is safe and secure on this cart and can not be taken from us!! 

Thanks again Chris for all your help!

Sabrina Duffy
First grade teacher
Arovista Elementary School
Brea, CA

<p>Sabrina Duffy<br />First grade teacher<br />Arovista Elementary School<br />Brea, CA</p>

I can't thank you enough for setting up the cart, projector, and ELMO for me to use with my class. Although I have only used it for a couple weeks, I have found it to be an invaluable teaching tool. It has saved me endless hours in prep time already. In the past when I wanted to show examples of students' writing I would either have to xerox the original or retype examples myself. Then I would make copies for the class or make an overhead transparency to use with my overhead projector. With the ELMO, I can choose a sample at random and instantly show the class. This works much better than holding one student's paper up in front of the class and asking "Who can tell me what is right with this assignment?" The ELMO has made it possible for students to get instant feedback and to see varied levels of classmates' samples so they can critique them and make positive changes to their own work. Thank you again for this incredible tool. I can't wait to put it to use in lots of other ways!

Laurie Brown
Arovista Elementary School
Brea, CA

<p>Laurie Brown<br /> Arovista Elementary School<br /> Brea, CA</p>

I wanted to say that the Elmo Cart that your company put together is wonderful. I love the ability to display on my classroom screen objects, books, and papers. All students are able to see what I am showing them, and they are more attentive. The ability to show my computer screen is wonderful. I have shown videos, on-line material, and web pages. The speakers are great as well. The adjustability and durability of your cart are all wonderful. It has been very well thought out. Great product!

Harry Blaker
5th grade Teacher
Stevens Creek Elementary
Cupertino, CA

<p>Harry Blaker<br /> 5th grade Teacher<br /> Stevens Creek Elementary<br /> Cupertino, CA</p>

Security and convenience; two great achievements. Your security cart keeps my document camera and projector safe from theft and the possibility of being knocked down by me or a passing student. I appreciate the height adjustment on the cart as well; I can easily adjust it to my standing or sitting position or the perfect height for a student to show examples from. The wheel base on the cart keeps it sturdy and makes the cart easy to move around. I am really enjoying the cart and its many advantages. Thank you for the innovative and functional design. 

Leslie Corbett
Brea Olinda Unified School District
Brea, CA

<p>Leslie Corbett<br /> Brea Olinda Unified School District<br /> Brea, CA</p>

The document camera Workstands are going over really well. I have had many positive comments from judges, administration, staff and outside attorneys who see these as a vast improvement over our old system. The operation of the document cameras and Workstatands is simple enough for everyone to understand, and we have been coming up with some creative ways to use this new equipment. The word is out and judges have been requesting these for use in their courtrooms. We have, in fact, taken 2 of the Workstands and assigned them permanently to 2 of our busier rooms. Our facilities people are happy as well. Since thes Workstands are adjustable, they can indicate that they are "ADA friendly" which is one of our considerations (being a public venue).

John Wilson
Multimedia Communications Coordinator
Ventura Superior Court

<p>John Wilson<br />Multimedia Communications Coordinator<br />Ventura Superior Court</p>

I think it works well as a projector cart and I like the fact that I can project the image behind me and face my kids at the same time! 

I really like the document camera mount. 

Jennifer Clark
Montclaire Elementary School
Los Altos, CA

It's a very convenient projector cart. I can turn the projector any direction to maximize the use of the workstand. 

It's very useful to have everything right at your fingertips. 

Jennifer Chiou
Montclaire Elementary School
Los Altos, CA

I really like the rotation options. It allows me to show manipulatives and hands-on examples at a variety of angles. Plus, the kids love it when they get to be "on" the screen (seen when I turn the document camera). 

Hooking up my laptop is relatively quick and easy. Just put down the computer and plug it in and its ready to go. I also like that you can secure your laptop inside the work station and lock it. Very handy. 

Diana Parsons
Montclaire Elementary
Los Altos, CA

Very practical and assists with a multitude of possibilities. 

Document camera and laptop cart are both highly functional -- it's been fun discovering various ways to present lessons utilizing these features.

Pam Duarte
Montclaire School
Los Altos, CA

I like that i can turn the laptop cart around and use it in any direction. 

And I do appreciate that all equipment is secure.

Veronica George
Montclaire Elementary
Los Altos, CA

The fact that it rotates 360 degrees and allows me to face students is helpful. 

The design is convenient for using both my laptop and document camera.

Susan Duquesnel
McGarvin Intermediate
Westminster, CA

My laptop cart makes integrating technology in classroom a breeze. I like how it is setup for ease of use so even non-technical teachers can just connect a cable to the laptop and turn everything on in less than 5 minutes. Overall the laptop cart is a great product! 

Laptop cart is convenient to use & adjust. Projector's mount makes adjustments easy when it's used in different classrooms. Time consuming adjustments have been eliminated. I'm very impressed with the audio output on the Hitachi Projector which eliminated the need for external speakers. 

The laptop cart's design is ideal for classroom use. It keeps all the cables neatly in place. It allows teachers to switch between document camera & laptop. The design works well in a classroom with limited space. Teachers no longer need an extra table or bulky poorly designed cart to put projector, laptop, overhead projector, and external speakers.

Lillian Wong
West Valley Elementary School
Sunnyvale, CA

I like that I can write things on paper and the kids can see it immediately. I don't have to use transparencies.

Heather Canedy
John Murdy Elementary
Garden Grove, CA

It helps my students to follow what I am doing. The students are more focused now. 

This laptop cart is an excellent tool that I believe all teachers should have.

Van Vu
Murdy Elementary
Garden Grove, CA

I love it!! 

It makes my job much easier!!!!

Kim Evert
Post School

I really like the av cart.

I can move the cart anywhere in the room and it allows me to adjust the projector to aim the way I want.

Jennifer Scrofini
Post Elementary
Westminster, CA

We love it!

Krista Murphy
HOPE resource center
Costa Mesa, CA

I use the shelf underneath for my DVD player, which is very convenient. Its all set up and ready to go!

I appreciate that the document camera/projector is always ready to go. It makes transitions much smoother.

Wendy Heard
Olinda School

Easy to move around my crowded classroom. Small so I don't need a large area to store it.

It is great to save paper by projecting paper onto the board and doing whole group activities.

Liz Milliman
Hill Elementary School

It is useful in my odd-shaped classroom.

I love how easy it is to switch from document camera to computer.

Christy Masegian-Davila
Montclaire Elementary School

I like how I can rotate the projector and be in the back of the room seeing what my students see.

Amanda Norris
Montclaire Elementary School

It can be projected from any location! It is very necessary that I face my students! My document camera is always ready to use!

Students really pay attention when I use this combination of equipment.

Maureen DeWild
Merton E. Hill Elementary

With all the technology built into one station I can easily connect videos, powerpoint slides, etc. for students to access.

I like how it is sturdy enough to hold a heavy object such as a textbook.

Carie Nguyen
McGarvin Intermediate

This is awesome, the 360° rotation of the projector is going to be a huge space saver.

The circular base is awesome. Everything I need is located in one place. I'm not tripping over cords anymore.

Love that my laptop can be locked up at night. Everything has its place. I'm not trying to move things around as I switch between the powerpoint and the document camera.

Bridget Holdermann
Sarah McGarvin Intermediate

I love how easy it is for me to use it at a moment's notice, no more messing with power cords and video cables each time I want to use digital equipment.

Love that there is a spot for me to place my laptop. Also, love that I know it is secure when I leave each night.

Cynthia Ribeiro
McGarvin Intermediate

Having a projector in my classroom is invaluable. We have never had individual projectors before and I am already using this great teaching tool daily. With SecurityWorks's projector cart, it is always ready to use and takes almost no time at all to begin using it for instruction. 

The document camera is a unique and valuable teaching tool. I love not having to make transparencies. My students are benefiting greatly from me using this new form of technology.

Nicole Fredericks
Post Elementary School

I like how everything is together. It is nice that the projector rotates 360 degrees. The versatility of the product makes teaching easier (not so many cords!).

Once again, it makes teaching easier because everything is together and always. I love it!

Christina Campbell
McGarvin Intermediate

It is nice to be able to move it out of the way when not in use. I'm looking forward to using it.

Suzanne Russo
McGarvin Intermediate School

The workstation is great as a projector cart and I can look at the students without the LCD projector shooting straight into my eyes.

Marc Pickett
McGarvin Intermediate

I love the swivel on which the projector is mounted. It gives me versatility to project images in different locations. In addition, the fact that it's mounted saves me set up time in the morning.

The 'always ready' mounting makes multimedia presentations easier because I don't have to worry about set-up. Also, It saves me room in class. I can't wait to remove my front table where I put my projector and laptop. The shelves and table surface on the cart are handy as well.

Vicky Northup
McGarvin Intermediate

It is convenient to have everything in one place.

The pullout drawer for the laptop is convenient. it also is flexible to be used for other things as well.

Theodore Vo
McGarvin Intermediate

A very ergonomic tech stand. 

I like several things about the Workstand:
1) I am able to face my students.
2) I appreciate the 360 degree rotation.
3) My document camera/projector are always ready to use.

I like the fact that the design allows me to use my laptop without interfering with the document camera's work surface.

Fred Fox
Sarah McGarvin Intermediate School

I like being able to face students when I teach and project behind me. The Workstand is effective as a projector cart.

I like that the workstand bundles all equipment together, and all of it is securely mounted.

Tiffany Sum
McGarvin Intermediate

The cart allows for versatility when presenting to my class no matter how I arrange my seats. It also allows me to use media presentations effectively in different rooms which have a different set up than my own.

Mark Foster
McGarvin Intermediate

I love the system being integrated into one station. I also will enjoy the ability to have it rotate.

Again, this is exactly what is needed in the classroom for all the new technology. With everything mounted, I feel save in having it near students as they hustle by to get to their next class.

DeAnna Olsen
McGarvin Intermediate

The design of the cart is great. I really like the laptop drawer and the side mount shelf is great too. I wish there were 2 side mount shelves, 1 for each side.

Brandon Loomis
McGarvin Intermediate School

The Technology Workstand has been fantastic and a life saver! 

My name is Jamie Knight and I'm also known as the Loud Music Librarian. I received this moniker because I'm a credentialed School Library Media Specialist who gained national fame by rehearsing punk rock bands in the library after school and then sponsored concerts for these bands as a fund raiser for library books.

Currently, I have an innovative Music Tech and Video program entitled:
Music, Media & Entertainment Technology at Huntington Beach High School.

In this program students learn the basics of both audio & video production and then receive pre-professional training in either audio or video. We are an Apple Authorized training center and can certify students in either Logic Studio or Final Cut Pro. The Technology  Workstand has been a life saver for our program. We recently underwent a major modernization where we acquired four work areas consisting of :
A Computer lab
An iPod touch/Guitar lab/Recording Area
Video Edit Bays
TV Studio

The district installed a competing fixed video projection system in two of my four work areas but that left me with two areas without the ability to project digital content. By having the Technology Workstand I can display the content that I need in a cost effective manor. The Technology Workstand is not only flexible but is the most sturdy, best looking stand I have ever used. I highly recommend the Technology Workstand if you are looking for a cost effective, flexible technology tool for your digital projection and audio needs". 

Jamie Knight
HBHS VPA Department Chair
Apple Certified Trainer-Logic 8 Level One
Apple Distinguished Educator-Class of 2007

I just wanted to drop you a quick line on the mobile workstation for my classroom. It has been a joy to work with this unit. Aside from having the freedom to move the unit without fear of having it fall, I have found one of the best features it has is the mounted, adjustable arm for the LCD projector. That is a God-send. Before I had to prop books under the projector to make it work correctly; now it simply needs slight adjustment and Voila! Lastly, I really like that the console has multiple locks. I don't take my laptop computer home every night so having a locking system to keep it secure lets me rest easier. 

Thanks again for providing such a wonderful workstation for my classroom. 

Derek Ordlock
Eighth Grade Language Arts
Brea Junior High School
Brea, CA

I am a teacher at James Irvine Intermediate School in Garden Grove. First of all, let me state that I am a fan of the document camera. It was fairly easy to get used to and I love the fact that I can color-code my notes for the students. It makes Mind Mapping much easier. Having the notes on paper as opposed to transparencies is great for students who are absent or who are in our Resource Program who need more time to copy down the notes. In fact, I had three students who were out for a length of time and upon their return, I simply gave them my color-coded notes for them to copy at their leisure. I also love the fact that the document camera can amplify the notes for those students who sit in the back. This allows me to not have to deal with adjusting the font on my own copies. 

Secondly, I love the fact that the laptop is so easily accessible. I can quickly switch from the document camera to the laptop in a matter of seconds. This adds to my instruction because we can take notes on the big screen and then quickly switch over to a QuickTime movie for visual effects. The students seem to like the new technology as well. 

Thirdly, I like the fact that the document camera, LCD projector, laptop are all secure in the cart. I don't have to switch carts or move anything because it's all in a central location. The main issue is how to lock up the cart securely as the current method that we have is not the best. 

This cart has definitely impacted my instruction. I'm able to bring in more visuals as well as audio for my students. In fact, the cart has been warmly welcomed to my class as"he's" now affectionately known as "Bill." 

The outside world has had this type of technology for quite some time now, and I'm really glad that we're finally moving into the electronic/digital age. My next goal is to get a smart board. But that is definitely way down the line as budget cuts won't allow for the purchase of that for quite some time. 

Catherine Cabiness
Irvine Intermediate School
Garden Grove, CA

Thank you so much for the Technology Workstand for my document camera, projector, and laptop. The design is great! I love the flexibility and the organizational features. 

Karen VanDine
6th Grade Teacher
Arovista Elem. School
Brea, CA

I am a huge fan of the Workstand! I have been teaching for over 10 years and this machine has made teaching fun and more efficient. Overheads and extra copies are thing of the past! This new technology is not only easy to use, but it definitely enhances student' ability to follow instruction in a way that is comprehensible to them. Furthermore, you can easily attach your laptop for presentations, videos and other visuals. I would recommend this machine to any teachers!

Sophia Rothbard
Second Grade Teacher
Skylark Elementary School
Garden Grove, CA

The document camera and Mobile Presentation Workstand have made instruction so much easier for both the students and me. Not only is it user-friendly but it makes presenting information easier and more engaging for all of us!

Sherry Sanborn
First Grade Teacher
Clinton-Mendenhall Elementary School
Garden Grove, CA

Since I've received the Mobile Presentation Workstand, document camera and projector, my life has changed in the classroom. I don't have to worry about transparencies anymore. I keep an extra student book to show students exactly what I want and am able to display and correct work so easily! I love my new Workstand and technology!

Lisa Hespen
Skylark Elementary School
Garden Grove, CA

I just received the Technology Workstand to use as an instructional aide in my classroom. The Workstand with the Elmo has many purposeful uses and has been a great addition to my class.

I teach 1st grade and the students are very intrigued and excited when the Workstand is used. The students are more engaged and more willing to participate. The Technology Workstand is very helpful and will continue to be an aide in my instruction and future lessons.

Stacy Gilbert
Skylark Elementary
Garden Grove, CA

The Workstand is great because it is very secure and "steal proof". The security cord is long enough where I can keep it locked to my desk and still reach where I need to go. The Workstand is easily maneuvered and is durable. Also, I like that I can keep some paper in the basket without it being big enough to get unorganized. It is durable and lightweight and is big enough to hold multiple things. Thanks again for this wonderful product.

Stephanie Kehl
Skylark Elementary School
Garden Grove, CA

I love my Technology Workstand and the equipment it holds. Before the Workstand, I had to set up and breakdown all the equipment each ay, or risk having the document camera and projector stolen. Since the Workstand locks all equipment, I save plenty of time each day and using the equipment is a breeze now.

Also, the Workstand's height adjustability allows me to sit or stand while teaching. What a great feature!

Linda Clark
Skylark Elementary
Garden Grove, CA

The Workstand is very easy to work with. It is light weight and I can move it around the classroom with ease. It is very durable and all of the equipment is secure. The locking system is very secure and it's nice that I can keep it locked and also move it to where I can use it. Thanks again for this Workstand and technology. It is going to be of great use in our classroom and will keep me organized and my students engaged.

Jennifer Davis
Skylark Elementary School
Garden Grove, CA

This has changed our lives. The students get first hand demonstrations on how to do the work correctly! The best thing about this work station is I can show them while I can see them. 5 year olds tend to not pay attention, play around, or there are so many things I could tell you they do. They also are able to come up and do work while the other students watch. This really gets their attention. We use it in all subject areas almost all day long. Kinders really need step by step instructions and this is fabulous for that!

Melissa Kiemm
Cook Elementary School-GGUSD

Having the Technology Workstand has greatly enhanced my teaching. Before receiving the Workstand, I was limited to using only acetate transparencies. This worked well for text-based material that used a large font, but if there were graphics involved or text in a small typeface, the presentation suffered due to a lack of clarity. Now I am able to show photographs, pages out of a book or quick sketches I drew with a pencil (instead of the chunky drawings I had to make before with the overhead pen).

Science has been dramatically improved because I can perform a demonstration that the whole class can see. We just built circuits. I was able to show the construction of the circuit and make the light bulb light for the whole class in one demonstration, instead of a few students at a time. This facilitated a more in-depth discussion of the concepts because the students were able to build on each other's comments and questions. Instead of the lesson taking two periods (one for the demonstration and another for the students building their own circuits), the lesson was accomplished in one period due to the time saved on the demonstration.

Math has also been improved due to a greater choice of manipulatives. Instead of only being able to choose from translucent, overhead-designed items, I have been able to use items such as dice, standard rulers, and real objects to measure. The students are able to see me demonstrate using the identical materials they will be using. I have not found an activity or subject that my Workstand has been unable to improve.

Steve Joines
4th Grade
Skylark Elementary

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